Diane Rich


Rich Learning Opportunities

Speaking at conferences

Diane is a regular speaker at conferences all over the UK. Themes from 2004 conference keynote presentations include:

Birth to three matters: integrated approaches
Catching children’s stories
Creative and confident children
Creativity in children’s outdoor worlds
Children as great communicators
Children developing communication, language and literacy
Equality issues in children’s learning
Gender issues in children’s learning
Keeping creativity at the heart of children’s learning
Keeping first hand experience at the heart of children’s learning
Keeping play at the heart of children’s learning
Key practitioners: exploring their role
Listening to babies
Listening to children
Outdoor provision
Sustained shared thinking
The outdoor classroom
Weapon related themes in children’s play: a big issue

In 2005 she is booked to speak on many of these themes and new topics such as

Healthy minds: healthy bodies
Interactions with children
World issues and their impact on children’s play: the role of practitioners

Sometimes Diane can be persuaded to run seminar or workshop sessions based on the above presentation themes.


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