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Diane Rich

Diane Rich runs Rich Learning Opportunities: keeping creativity, first hand experience and play at the heart of children’s learning.

Rich Learning Opportunities brings together consultants to work on different projects relating to children’s learning.


Diane Rich has been involved in children’s learning for many years, as a teacher, advisory teacher, researcher, consultant, author, trustee for children’s charities and former chief executive of a national early years charity. She was the convenor of the Forum for Maintained Nursery Schools in England from 2000-2003.

Diane has worked throughout the UK speaking at conferences, undertaking many different early years and primary education projects, and working directly with a variety of practitioner and community groups. She is invited to take part in projects led by national associations, and different LEAs throughout England.

Diane has represented the early years sector on a variety of national advisory panels and consultative bodies, as participant or sometimes chair.


University of Cambridge M. Phil

In 1993-4 Diane Rich studied full time at the University of Cambridge School of Education on an M.Phil course, relating to School Development and Improvement. Diane’s focus was teacher development. She worked with tutors, Professor David Hargreaves, David Hopkins, Mel Ainscow and Mel West. In February 1994 she was at a full congregation Holden at the University of Cambridge Senate House where she was admitted to the degree of Master of Philosophy.

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