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Diane Rich has supported practitioners, especially teachers, in developing play in their settings for many years. She has worked with groups or individuals on site, on courses and at conferences. She has set up reflective practice projects in her work with practitioners at a variety of levels throughout the UK. In the 1990s she work with a team of Hertfordshire advisory teachers, and Mary Jane Drummond from the University of Cambridge to devise the University accredited course ‘Learning in the Early Years’. For many years she led sessions on this course relating to
  • miniature world play
  • role play
  • weapon related and superhero play
  • children as story makers in play.

She continues to develop work in this area and support practitioners at all levels to keep play at the heart of children’s learning.

Diane regularly writes on the theme of play in education journals. Diane's articles on children's play can be seen on the publications page.

She is currently writing a book on children's imaginative play.

She has been invited to act as consultant in play issues for the Association for Teachers and Lecturers (ATL)

Diane acted as consultant to The Baby Channel on the programme on play and appeared in two programmes on gender related issues in children's play.


Rich Learning Opportunities plans to publish a book in the What matters to children series based on play.

Diane Rich is a trustee for London Play and works on various projects promoting children’s right to play. www.londonplay.org.uk

She was a member of the expert advisory panel for the recent national review on children’s play. She was also on the London Mayor's play strategy advisory group. www.london.gov.uk

Rich Learning Opportunities endorses London Play's Children's Play Charter

Rich Learning Opportunities endorses the Children's Play Charter for Parents and Teachers set out in 'The Genius of Play - celebrating the spirit of childhood', by Sally Jenkinson (page 129, 2001, Hawthorn Press: Stroud)


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