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First hand experience: what matters to children

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 First hand experience:
what matters to children

  Workshop descriptions

A is for alphabets
This hands on practical workshop will use the diversity of the Eden Project to make a sensory alphabet book of real experience.
E is for earthworks
Nothing approaches clay in the ease with which it can be manipulated, nor the cross curricular learning it affords. The science, art and imaginative range of the material will be explored in practical ways.
E is for Eden
Led by Eden Project Education Development Officers on site in the landscape at Eden.
G is for green
Exploring the potential of the multi sensory and cross curricula learning afforded by gathering materials from the natural environment and weaving them into a tapestry to create a perpetual hanging.
I is for independent learners
A reflective workshop exploring how children develop as independent learners who are active, autonomous decision makers.
K is for knowing
In this reflective workshop there will be opportunities to explore the kinds of knowing that matters most to children and the ways in which educators can support their passionate enquiries into how? when? why? where? who? and why?
When children meet big ideas in their search for knowledge and understanding, what can educators do to support them? As children slowly build up their working knowledge of the world, what are the principles on which educators can draw to scaffold children’s growing understanding?
L is for listening and looking
The workshop offers a chance to reflect on the kinds of looking and listening involved in every first hand activity and what can make this looking and listening worthwhile for children. What educators provide for children to look at and listen to is considered, along with the ways in which the children’s acts of looking and listening can be highly valued.
O is for out and about
An opportunity for conference delegates to experience the Eden landscape independently while developing strategies for children to work as explorers, engaging with the world. Exploration kits will be loaned for this workshop.
Q is for questions
This reflective workshop explores the questions of children. Workshop participants will
  • think about the different kinds of questions educators use and the effect these have on children’s thinking
  • explore ways of using questions more effectively
  • consider ways of using children’s questions as starting points for learning
  • be introduced to ways of encouraging, recording and valuing children’s questions
  • consider the importance of establishing a culture where asking questions comes naturally to children.
  • T is for thinking
    In this reflective workshop participants will explore the different kinds of thinking that children do and consider the ways in which adults can support and extend children’s powers to invent, imagine, reason, think, remember, and so much more.
    V is for variety
    This practical workshop will investigate the ways in which marks, shapes and words can be translated into patterns of sound that describe the diversity of the worlds we inhabit; the worlds of imagination and worlds of actual being.
    W is for windows
    This practical workshop will explore how windows and apertures can inspire children to want to investigate the world of light.
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