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First hand experience: what matters to children

First hand experience: what matters to children

Trialing the book

Materials for the project have been trialed by 66 practitioners from 17 different settings in 7 LEAs.

Who were the trialists?

The authors are very grateful to all those who gave up their time to come to meetings, work in their settings with children, parents, colleagues, and governors to introduce these materials, work with them and provide valuable feedback.

They include staff from

Abbotsmede Primary School Peterborough
Capel St Mary Primary School Suffolk
Coton Primary School Cambridgeshire
Crabtree Infant School Hertfordshire
George Street Primary School Hertfordshire
Highfield Nursery School Suffolk
Histon Infant School Cambridgeshire
Icknield Infant and Nursery School Hertfordshire
Kingshill Infant School Hertfordshire
Malorees Infant School Brent
South Axholme Peripatetic Nursery Doncaster
Thongsley Fields Primary + Nursery School Cambridgeshire
Tottenhall Infant + Nursery School Enfield
The Wroxham School Hertfordshire
Westfield First Hertfordshire
West Grove Primary School Enfield
Wickham Market Primary + Nursery School Suffolk
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