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Learning: what matters to children

Learning: what matters to children

The authors

The authors are a team of experienced and respected education researchers and consultants. Over many years they have come together to work on a variety of projects, and have always been committed to promoting what matters to children.

Diane Rich runs Rich Learning Opportunities: keeping creativity, play and first hand experience at the heart of children’s learning. She co-ordinates the What Matters to Children team and has been involved in children’s learning for many years, as play worker, teacher, deputy head and advisory teacher, researcher, education consultant, writer, trustee for children’s charities. She appears on Teacher’s TV.

Mary Jane Drummond is a writer, teacher and researcher with an abiding interest in young children’s learning. She has recently retired from the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge.

Cathy Myer has been a teacher, advisory teacher and university lecturer. She is now a freelance education consultant, passionate about children and their capacity to learn from their experiences of the real world.

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Learning: what matters to children
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